Full Accounting Services For Companies

During all our activities we are always guided by responsibility, reliability and individual approach to the Client. We know that all obligations are different, and each Client has a different history of running their office, the specifics of which we want to maintain. That is why we are flexible and ready to meet your expectations regarding the accounting and billing.

  • We operate to compel the simplification of the process of conducting full accounting process. We attend clients in both Polish and English.
  • We work with the provided documents in accordance with applicable law. Our accounting services include keeping accounting books (general ledger and auxiliary books).
  • We verify all accounting documents from the Client in terms of accounting and tax.
  • We control the current accounting of all liabilities and receivables of the Client’s company against other entities.
  • We prepare VAT records and group and value income and expenditure data.
  • We administer records of fixed assets and intangible assets with the utmost care.
  • We prepare appropriate declarations regarding budget commitments, and we complete the entire process by submitting the documents in the appropriate institutions or by sending them electronically.
  • We offer creating new or an update of existing accounting policy and of the account plan adjusted to the Client’s needs and the appropriate documentation of data processing in accordance with the Accounting Act.
  • We provide preparation and submission of identification declarations (including NIP, VAT-R).
  • keeping accounting auxiliary registers and for tax purposes – VAT tax, PIT and CIT as well as local and other taxes, including administrative fees,
  • tax reporting, including PIT, CIT, VAT, JPK, real estate taxes, agricultural and other local taxes,
  • We act as intermediaries in the transfer of the Client’s financial data to the tax authorities. They can refer to current accounting matters and controls by the tax administration. Our office will provide you with a plenipotentiary who will make every effort to achieve a shared goal.
  • Additionally, in the area of current accountancy matters, you can use our telephone, e-mail or personal consultations in our branch.